“Self-acceptance, inner peace, healing of mind and body? 
These were concepts I was ignorant to a year ago. Life changes, some pain and suffering led me on a journey that stopped by a Saturday Intro to Yoga class in an obscure building in North Topeka: Eywa Yoga Studio. From the start I felt welcome and comfortable. By the end I knew Ashley was genuine, and a caring person. I was ready to dive right in!

I felt private sessions would be the most beneficial way for me to get started. I thought I was going to learn some basic stretches, yoga poses, terminology...stuff that would keep me from looking confused or getting lost in a group class. What I got was so much more! Sitting down in a safe space and sharing myself with Ashley was the best thing I did for myself in a long time!

Its hard to know what I like the most; the conversation, just breathing, meditation practice, body movement, learning mantra’s, the calming chanting voice, all the advice and tips on how to continue at home and customize my own practice. BUT...the chakra healing and balancing was a profound personal discovery! There’s nothing I look forward to more than my Wednesday trip to the local yoga studio.

I have never written a review in my life, but felt this one was important without sounding cliched and over dramatic, and knowing all the skepticism out there. I feel confident in saying this experience is nothing less than life altering! I’m humbled and thankful that my journey led me by Eywa, and was able to meet Ashley.

I’m not sure how to repay for something like this, but I wanted to share, and maybe others will read this and be inspired to better themselves, or find their inner peace, or just add a little more love to the world. And, maybe that would be a good start.”


Steve B., Topeka, KS

"I've come to a place in my journey where I am searching for natural forms of healing. I was blessed enough to be given Ashley's card two times by two different people. Not knowing what to expect I went in with an open heart, mind and spirit. Ashley was beyond wonderful. She instantly made me feel comfortable by explaining what to expect and how she could help me. Ashley has such a comforting touch, allowed me to laugh and talk through the energy I was feeling. When it was all said and done I could not stop laughing and smiling. My entire being was full of joy. She followed up with me and let me talk through my emotions. What a truly life changing experience. From the cozy welcoming studio, to the warmth, professionalism and knowledge I would highly recommend Eywa Yoga Studio and Ashley to anyone looking for natural healing methods."   -Amanda A., Greeley   

"One word.....AMAZING!  Ashley is so wonderful! I had my very first Reiki session with her and she made me feel so comfortable and welcome. She explained what we were going to do and what to expect. My session was way more than I ever expected in so many wonderful ways! I have never felt so free and full of positive energy! I can breath again! It is truly a life changing experience! I tell everyone that I talk to about Ashley and her wonderful studio! This will become part of my daily life...Thank you so very much Ashley!    -Bree, Greeley 

"I cannot express my content in words!  Ashley is absolutely amazing in what she does. 
This was my first ever session so I didn't know what to expect so I went in kind of tense but right off the bat Ashley was so welcoming and encouraged me to loosen up. She made sure to explain everything and answer any questions I had and even cracked a few jokes to help me loosen up. After the session I felt a sense of peace and relaxation that was new to me. She is absolutely an amazing human being. I cannot recommend her enough, I'm looking forward to visiting her studio more in the future." -Angelina W., Greeley

 If you've had a reiki treatment, chakra balancing, one on one or yoga class with Eywa and would like to submit a review to be posted online, we would greatly appreciate your feedback here! 

Much love!

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