Additional Healing Services

  • Private Guidance Sessions

  • One on One Sessions

  • Yoga Healing Sessions

  • Reiki + Energy Work

In the Private Guidance Session, we'll sit and converse about what is happening within the body, mind, emotions and spirit.  In this session we will focus in on root issues that you are facing and work to help heal and release the pattern from the body.  I'll make tea and make it a comfortable, safe space for you to share and heal.

In the One on One Session, I create a class including chanting, meditation, asana (yoga postures) and/or pranayama (breathing exercises) to tailor your body's needs.
Pre-Requirements: Have had one private coaching session with an auric scan completed so that Ashley can build a regimen for you.

In the Yoga Healing Session, we will address physical ailments such as stress, asthma, hypertension (high blood pressure), low blood pressure, arthritis or joint inflammation, back pain, acute back pain, neck pain, headache, knee pain, diabetes...etc.  If you have an ailment not listed, please contact me.
***Please consult your doctor before booking a session

30 mins - $25
45 mins - $40
60 mins - $50
75 mins - $60
90 mins - $75

Reiki Healing Treatments

Reiki is a Japanese term meaning "Universal Life Energy" referring to an unseen energy that pervades and gives life to everything. Reiki assists your body in healing a natural way, like providing water to seed, the seed will naturally grow if other conditions are right... Reiki is a gentle energy that assists your bodies, physical, emotional, etheric and other, to heal. Reiki goes to the cause of an illness, even if unknown to the recipient, not just the effect.

During Reiki Healing Treatments, Ashley will scan your body and begin sending reiki to the places that need most attention.  This is a purely intuitive practice and looks to heal the root. 


Full Body Treatment                                    up to 90 minutes long - $75
Full Body Packages                                       4 Treatments - $250
Concentrated Location -                              up to 45 minutes long - $40
Concentrated Packages                              4 Treatments - $100
Distant Healing (Receive healing from the comfort of your home) -                         up to 30 minutes of healing - $25
Distant Healing Package -                          5 Treatments - $100
 (Scheduled at the time of purchase)
    10 Treatments - $150                       (Scheduled at the time of purchase)

Chakra Balancing - 30 minutes - $25

All Treatments include an initial consultation before treatment, centering meditation, an auric scan to pinpoint the place in the body that needs the most attention and a closing.  It is recommended to schedule reiki sessions closely (if not daily) in the beginning to heal and release illness in the body. 

If you have ANY questions or are curious about any of these treatments, feel free to call me at (785)250-0892 or email at!