300-hour teacher training graduation day - Left to right: Swami Probohd Chaitanya, Sanjay, me and Vinod Kumar Rajan.

300-hour teacher training graduation day - Left to right: Swami Probohd Chaitanya, Sanjay, me and Vinod Kumar Rajan.

Ashley Cain - Instructor/Owner

I began my yoga journey in 2012 after experiencing inflammation in my knee and being told there was no solution. I began practicing yoga and ayurveda to heal and found that it healed more than my knee...it began healing my mind, body and soul! I felt the urge to dive into teacher training in 2016 and from there a door opened to so much more than a physical form of healing.  My sole (soul) purpose on this journey is to spread the benefits of yoga and energy healing to people who are looking for a solution to chronic pain/illness, depression, those searching for stillness, balance, happiness and ultimately bliss.  Teaching the benefits of this beautiful practice is my passion.


I am registered with Yoga Alliance as a 500hr RYT in Hatha Yoga.  My 200hr certification came from Sacred Space Yoga in Greeley, CO 2017 and my 300hr certification from AyurYoga Eco-Ashram in Karnataka, India 2018. 


Christina Hunter of AyurvedaYogaTopeka - 200 Hour Certified Yoga Instructor


In 2016 I started getting diagnosed with one painful, incurable illness after the next, and nothing seemed to be helping me, so that's when I decided to go to my first yoga class, and I fell in love after my first practice! Yoga helped me more then any pill ever did! I had previously been having constant pain from Endometriosis, constant back and neck pain from bulging discs, wrist pain up to my shoulders from carpel tunnel, problems being able to eat food from gastroparesis, along with anxiety, and the depression that comes along with having daily pain. Ever since I started my yoga practice I no longer have the daily aches and pains in my body that I used to have, so long as I keep up with my practice! I was able to stop taking all my medications, I was getting hungry on my own again so I could eat like I needed to, I was able to stop having the weekly doctor appointments, and most importantly I finally felt like a normal person again! I immediately decided I have to teach yoga so I can help people like me heal themselves too!! So I found a school I could go to in Wichita, KS, graduated with my 200 RYT in May of 2018, and have been teaching yoga ever since and it has been such a blessing, I love being able to guide students though their practice and see the excitement on their faces when they achieve a pose they have been working on!


Danyelle Grandstaff of The Oracles - Mom, Intuitive, Life-Coach


My name is Danyle (Danielle), I am a disable veteran and stay-at-home mother to three amazing and crazy children. I have always known I had intuitive abilities, especially because I come from a long line of intuitive women. I just never had the courage to step into them and share with the world. I stayed focused on research and understanding of the world we live in and the connection to source. (God). My soul's purpose in this life, aside from raising my children, is to share my abilities and knowledge with others to help them navigate through life and connection to spirit. I am very much looking forward to this new and exciting journey and the connections that will be made along the way! ~Namaste~

Danyle is leading the Healing Circles every other Sunday - these classes are intended to help shift the perception and awareness of different aspects of ourselves such as fear, shame, guilt, love, creativity, forgiveness...etc!  To Contact Danyle for Private Coaching Sessions, click here.